Advantage Group Environmental Policy

We strive to deliver the following measures around sustainability

Purchasing & Waste

  • Reduce-Reuse-Recycle for event materials and communications.
  • Keep it digital where possible – electronic invitations, registration, follow ups etc.
  • Working with suppliers to ensure the use of vegetable-based inks, lightest possible weight paper and materials from recycled sources.
  • Security Shredding with Thorntons Recycling.

Food & Drink

  • Encourage vegetarian and vegan menu options which are more environmentally friendly and tend to be cheaper.
  • Tap water as a sustainable choice with no transportation or waste packaging. Use glass water bottles for speakers and jugs over single use plastic bottles.
  • Opt for local, seasonal and organic produce.
  • Choose ethical, eco and fair-trade options.
  • Select catering companies that have environmental credentials.
  • Avoid disposable items (cups etc.) and avoid single use portion items (jams, sugars etc.)
  • Inform caterers of the exact number of attendees to avoid waste and offer half portions for children.

Venue & Accommodation

  • To stay and provide accommodation when required, near the event venue., eliminating transport requirements.
  • Choose accommodation providers that have an environmental certification.
  • Choose an event venue that has an environmental certification and strives for sustainability.

Surplus Stock

Have something that could potentially be a raw material for another business (Such as cardboard boxes, wooden pallets etc.)? List it on Smile Exchange to reduce landfill waste and further a circular economy.

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Partnering with coach transport companies that are compliant with the ‘Euro’ emission standards, issued in a series of European Union directives, which define the acceptable limits for vehicle exhaust emissions. Our coach transport partners use new, quality vehicles with the cleanest engines possible. Most of their vehicles are under 5 years old and are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring that they are running efficiently. They operate a preventative maintenance programme.

In addition, we ensure that the maximum number of transfers are grouped to reduce the overall number of transfers required in the execution of large events.